This is how to make an adorable clay ice cream charm.

You Will Need:

  • Clay!!!
  • Clay Glaze (optional)

Step 1: First, you want to roll out a cone shape of tan clay to be the cone.

Step 2: Next, you want to roll out a couple spheres of clay. I made 3 circles they were white, brown, and pink. So it was like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream.

Step 3: Then, put one of the scoops onto the cone. Then stack all the other scoops on the one you just put on the cone.

Step 4 (optional):  If you would like to make eyes and a mouth for the ice cream.

Step 5:  According to your clays instruction BAKE IT UP!!!

Step 6 (optional):  If you want glaze your final creation!

And Voila! This is how mine came out in the end: