How To Make A Clay Smoothie Charm

This is a simple, easy way to make a little smoothie charm

Step 1: First, roll out a cylinder of clay (if you’re using colored clay make sure it’s the color you want the drink part to be)

Step 2: Next, with a white piece of clay roll out a snake then wrap it around the top of the cylinder like whipped cream.*

Step 3: If you would like to make eyes for your drink. I made mine by making two white clay circles then putting two smaller black circles inside. Then place it onto the smoothie.

Step 4: According to your clays instructions bake your smoothie.

Step 5 (optional):  If you would like to put clay glaze over your creation.

And Voila!  This is how my clay piece looked in the end


*I suggest scratching both the pieces so they stick well together (scratch the bottom of whipped cream and the top of cylinder.)


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