How To Make a Pac-Man Ghost Charm

I figured that a little pacman wouldn’t hurt…

Charm #1: Pac-man ghost

You Will Need:

  • Clay
  • Glaze (optional)

Step #1: First you must roll out a colored piece of clay* into a flat circle (like a fat pancake). This will be the “body” of the ghost.

Step #2: Then you need to cut it in half

Step #3: Next, roll 2 circles of white clay and place it onto the body. These are the eyes so make sure you like where they are placed. Also, I recommend scratching the back of the eyes and the part of the body where you will place the eyes to insure the eyes won’t fall off.

Step #4: Then, if you do not want to paint pupils on the eyes. Roll out 2 small balls to put on the eye and stick them on.

Step #5:  According to your clays instruction bake it up!

Step #6: If you did not use clay as pupils them paint them on now. I also ended up painting a smile.

Step #7 (optional): If you would like paint your charm with clay gloss.

Step 8: And Voila! This is how mine turned out in the end

Sorry about the bad quality- if you couldn’t tell it’s purple!!!

*You can use white clay and paint it after you bake which is what I ended up doing for this charm.


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