Ok, I’m just going to say it… I AM A HARRY POTTER NERD! For all those people that wonder, I AM A PROUD, WITTY, RAVENCLAW!!! Because I love Harry Potter so much I figured I would do a series of posts on Harry Potter charms. To start off this series I am doing a really easy cauldron charm for when Snape overloads you with homework.

You Will Need:

  • Colorful and Black Clay
  • Optional-Gloss

Step 1: First, you want to roll a circle out of black clay and cut it in half. You will want the rounded edge to be on the bottom so make sure it can stand on your table without it being completely flat. This will be the cauldron.

Step 2: Then, you want to make three spheres of colorful clay and GENTLY combine them so they have a marble effect. You want to make sure that the colors don’t actually mix.

Step 3: Next, flatten the marble clay and cut it in a circle so it can fit on top of the cauldron. This will be the potion. Then put the potion on the cauldron.

Step 4: After, you want to roll a black snake and wrap it around the rim of the cauldron to be the lip.

Step 5: Finally, bake the cauldron according to it’s instructions.

And Voila! This is how my cauldron turned out!: