Continuing my Harry Potter series, I am doing a Lumos dish! Just putting it out there THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL DISH TO EAT OUT OF! This is more of a decor piece or something to hold jewelry.

You will need:

  • Clay; one color and white/glow in the dark clay
  • Optional:String

Step 1: First you want to roll out your colored clay into a sheet a little less than a centimeter. You also want to then cut it out into a oval-like shape. I used a pen to make a hole around the top so I can use string so I can hang it somewhere.

Step 2: Next, you want to roll out your white or glow in the dark clay into a thin snake. Then you want shape the snakes into the word “Lumos”. As an added touch I took tiny snakes of clay to give it a glowing kind of effect.

Step 3: Then, according to your clays instructions… BAKE IT UP!!!

Step 4: If you want to: put string through the hole and tie it.

And Voila! This is how my piece turned out in the end: